Companion Quest: Two-Sided

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On your way to the ritual chamber in the main quest Never Far from the Queen, Aloth will have one of his strange outbursts. Then shortly after completing the quest, Aloth will say that he'd like to talk to you. Your ensuing conversation will trigger the quest.


Aloth will tell you that his soul is Awakened like yours, but that one of his former lives, named Iselmyr, sometimes forces her way to the surface and "wags her impertinent tongue when she should listen." He'll then ask you to take him to the sanitarium in Brackenbury, where animancers study and sometimes cure such afflictions.

Inside the sanitarium, you'll meet Head Warden Ethelmoer (#1). He'll tell you that Bellasege in the Lower Level studies Awakenings, and he'll suggest that you talk to her. When you reach Bellasege (#2), she'll be all excited to meet Aloth, and she'll hook him up to a strange contraption so she can study his soul. Then between you and her (mostly you), you'll work out that Iselmyr only shows up when Aloth is in danger and needs help.

After meeting with Bellasege, you'll be able to encourage Aloth to work with Iselmyr more or try to block her completely. This choice will affect Aloth's ending and some of his dialogue, but it won't change anything in the game. You'll also be able to allow Aloth to steal Bellasege's research notes or not. This decision won't change anything.

1 - Head Warden Ethelmoer

2 - Bellasege

  1. Stairs between the Main Level and the Lower Level.




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