Task: Hard Feelings

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You'll receive this task from Bricanta Doemenel inside House Doemenel in Brackenbury (#1).


When you meet Bricanta, she'll tell you that she's a merchant, but that she only deals with "special friends." To become friends with Bricanta, you'll have to do her a favor. She'll ask you to go to Kolfecg in Ondra's Gift and teach him a lesson for insulting her.

You'll find Kolfecg inside one of the dilapidated houses in the northern part of Ondra's Gift (#2). When you talk to him, you'll get three choices for what to do to him: you can allow him to run away, you can beat him up, or you can kill him. Regardless, when you return to Bricanta, she'll be satisfied with your work, and she'll reward you with 600 cp. You'll also earn a "moderate" amount of reputation with House Doemenel.

As a result of completing the quest, Bricanta will make her wares available to you. She'll have several "exceptional" items (including firearms) in stock, and she'll also have some interesting rogue equipment, including Finreah's Grace and Killer's Work.

1 - House Doemenel

2 - Kolfecg's House




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