Side Quest: A Two Story Job

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You'll receive this quest in Copperlane when you wander into an unlabeled house (#1) and overhear some thieves talking about a robbery they're planning. The thieves will attack you, and after the battle you'll find a Thieves' Letter on one of their corpses. Reading the letter will trigger the quest.


From the letter you'll learn that the planned victim is Lord Reymont, who has a manor in Brackenbury (Exit A), and that the mastermind behind the heist is somebody with the initials AD. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can tell Lord Reymont (#3) about the planned robbery. He'll reward you with a Ring of Unshackling and 2000 cp, but you'll lose "moderate" reputation with House Doemenel.

  • You can take the letter to Abrecan Doemenel, aka AD, who can be found in House Doemenel (#2). Abrecan won't be thrilled that you killed his men, and he'll decide that you should make up for your blunder by completing the robbery in their place. If you refuse to do this, then everybody in House Doemenel will turn hostile, which will potentially break two quests (Hard Feelings and The Changing of the Guard), remove a useful shopkeeper (Bricanta Doemenel), and prevent you from joining the House Doemenel faction in Defiance Bay.

    Assuming you accept the assignment, the easiest way to rob Lord Reymont is to follow the plan from the Thieves' Letter. That is, you should enter his manor via the open second story window (Exit B) and then sneak into the secret storage chamber (#4). To use the window, you'll either need a Rope and Grappling Hook or Athletics 3. To enter the storage chamber, you'll need to detect and pull the candle holder next to the entrance. Inside the storage chamber, you'll find the Heart of White March in a trapped chest.

    When you return to Abrecan with the gem, he'll reward you with 3000 cp. If you completed the job relatively quietly (one dead guard seems to be fine), then you'll also earn a "major" reputation bonus with House Doemenel. Otherwise, your reputation won't change. Regardless, after completing the quest, Abrecan will suggest that you talk to his father Gedmar upstairs. Gedmar will offer you the quest The Changing of the Guard.

1 - Thieves' Hideout

2 - House Doemenel

3 - Lord Reymont

4 - Secret Storage Chamber

  1. Main entrance to Reymont Manor.
  2. Window entrance to Reymont Manor.




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