Side Quest: A Voice from the Past

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You'll receive this quest from Dalton in Copperlane (#1).


Dalton will tell you about an adventure he had 60 years ago, where he foolishly went up against the necromancer Helig of Thein and got his entire party killed, including Rowyna, the love of his life. He'll then admit that he's started hearing Rowyna's voice -- and that in his dreams he's seen her trying to escape from the Copperlane Catacombs (Exit A) -- and he'll ask you to look for her.

In the catacombs, you'll run into Helig of Thein (#2). He'll be amused that Dalton is still alive, and he'll make you an offer. If you retrieve his grimoire from Moedred, the man who killed him, then he'll tell you where you can find Rowyna. He'll even help you out by giving you Moedred's Trunk Key, which will unlock the trunk where Moedred hid the grimoire.

You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can accept the deal. You'll find Moedred in the basement of the sanitarium in Brackenbury. He'll admit to killing Helig, but he'll claim that Helig was a "madman" who performed "perverse experiments." He'll also claim that he doesn't know anything about the grimoire. If you use the key to unlock Moedred's trunk, then a wicht will jump out and kill Moedred, and you'll have to fight the wicht. You won't find the grimoire in the trunk.

    When you return to Helig, your conversation with him can go one of two ways. If you didn't open the trunk, or if you decide that Moedred is right and Helig should die, then you'll have to fight Helig plus the revenants with him. This option will be basically the same as if you had attacked Helig right away (see below). But if you followed Helig's orders, then he'll give you a Soulward Amulet, and he'll tell you that Rowyna's soul is trapped inside.

  • You can attack Helig plus the revenants with him. This should not be a difficult battle. Afterwards, you'll find a Fine Scepter, a Fine Robe, Helig's Grimoire, and a Soulward Amulet on Helig's corpse.
When you pick up the Soulward Amulet, you'll have a vision of Rowyna, and you'll be allowed to communicate with her. The ensuing dialogue will show you that Rowyna still has affection for Dalton, but that she wants you to destroy the amulet and set her soul free.

When you return to Dalton, you'll have four ways to complete the quest:
  • You can be cruel and tell Dalton that you're keeping the amulet for yourself. You'll get to keep the amulet, but you'll earn a "moderate" reputation penalty with Defiance Bay.

  • You can lie to Dalton and tell him that you didn't find anything. This will allow you to keep the amulet, and Dalton will give you the unique club Dial Ewn Dibita. You'll also earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

  • You can smash the amulet. This will earn you a "moderate" reputation penalty with Defiance Bay.

  • You can give the amulet to Dalton, and then convince him to break it (which requires Intellect 13 or Resolve 15) or not. Either way, Dalton will give you the unique club Dial Ewn Dibita, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

1 - Dalton

2 - Helig of Thein

  1. Entrance to the Copperlane Catacombs.




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