Wind Cave
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EnemiesGoblins (melee, archers, shaman)
Saves1 total: start
BossesKrolk the Cruel
ExitsThe Wilderness (previous area)


This is the cave at the end of the path to the right of the portal in the Wilderness. This area is a dead-end area with monsters to kill. It is wide open with lots of pits between paths and archers that are difficult to get to, so be ready with ranged attacks. At the end farthest from the start is a shaman mini boss. He is just like regular shaman but with more hitpoints. Run up to him in melee and he will run around instead of attacking like all shaman... easiest boss kill in the game.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall around the entire area and back to the start. Gate out and then portal back to the Wilderness.

Fastest Route

Immediately leave. This is a dead-end with nothing you need inside.