Solitary Eyeland

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SpecialConch (possible)
Chests3 (see map)


The only thing of any note on this "Eyeland" is one of the three cyclopes whom you will instantly see in a cutscene. Generally, only full bosses get cutscenes, and mini bosses don't, so I guess the cyclopes are bosses. That makes the three cyclops bosses for the Pit of Ill Omen the weakest bosses in the game because most mini bosses including the ones on this plane are tougher.

Broon is faster than you are and only has melee distance attacks. He can attack with his club (a stun attack), throws sand (no damage), uses a spit attack (close poison magic attack), and has a rear poison attack (very weak). If you want to avoid him, you can use the tree as an obstacle, and you can still leave via the boat if you wish. Leaving will reset his hitpoints to full. It is very easy to defeat him by getting behind him and using melee attacks on his rear. If he is the third and last cyclops you kill he will drop the Conch.

Most Efficient Route

Chests in the Pit of Ill Omen may appear as clam shells. There is one chest by the tree; the other two are in the water. All three are marked on the map.

Fastest Route

Kill the boss and use the boat to leave.