Island of Lost Hope
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EnemiesFrogloks, sea monsters, fire beetles (source of Fire Beetle Eyes)
SpecialConch (possible), hidden route
Saves2 total: start, at Droon's Den south entrance
ExitsBoat, Droon's Den (in and out the other side)


On the dock near the boat you will see two frogloks swimming around for an easy kill. That side of the dock is where you are going rather than along the more obvious route past the save point. Go down that path and hug the left wall. There is one chest down in a "room" to the left, and later another four down a side route to the left. At the fork to first room to the left you will encounter a crab-like sea monster. They are big and green and have a stun attack using their body, but they don't have ranged attacks. Soften them up with ranged attacks of your own and by the time they get to you a couple of melee hits should finish them.

At the 2nd save point is the southern entrance to Droon's Den. When you enter it you will see a cutscene of Droon who is very similar to Broon. He has all the same attacks as Broon, but he is stronger. Unlike Broon, Droon uses his rear poison gas attack less and his throwing sand attack does something. The sand doesn't deal damage, but it does make you "hiccup" interfering with your ability to block, so repeatedly use jump back if that happens. Melee is still the best strategy. If you are lucky he will use the rear gas attack which will let you get behind him for a bunch of free attacks. When trying to get to his rear, always go clockwise around him as he attacks are weaker on his right side. If he tries to spit poison at you, get to his rear for a few hits. More likely, you will just have to block and time your counterattacks and keep jumping away if he hits you with sand. If he is the third and last cyclops you kill he will drop the Conch. Don't forget the two chests on either side of his den.

Leaving via the north exit in Droon's Den will bring you to the other side of the Island of Lost Hope. You will be immediately attacked by a group of three fire beetles. As you might expect, they are immune to fire damage, but not explosion damage. Dodge their fire spit and they should be easy enough to kill. Fire beetles are also the only monsters that have the potential to drop fire beetle eyes. After dealing with more frogloks and fire beetles, you will drop off a bridge to get back to your boat.

Most Efficient Route

When you reach the save point, go back along the left side of the dock where the two boxes are to continue. Once you reach the 1st save point and turn around, that path will be on the right. Follow the left wall all the way to the 2nd save point and Droon's Den. On the other side of Droon's Den, continue following the left wall back to your boat.

Fastest Route

After getting into the water at the dock, follow the right hand wall to the 2nd save point and Droon's Den. After killing Droon, use the north exit. Follow the right hand wall back to the dock and exit via the boat.