Thunder Cave
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EnemiesGoblins (melee, shaman), yeti
ExitsThe Wilderness (previous area)


This is the cave at the end of the first path to the right before the 2nd save point. This small area is a series of tight passageways with high walls. Despite the name, you will fend of cold rather than lightning attacks in these caves. It is a dead-end area with monsters to kill. The chest can be found to the left down a long and relatively straight dead-end.

Green goblins are like the red goblins in the Plane of Fire, but they have cold spells and enchantments instead. Their cold attacks are good enough to consider wearing cold resistant items. The yeti are just like the demons from the Plane of Torment but are white and hairy. Use the strategies you used against the demons to defeat them. Remember that most enemy attacks do not destroy containers and you can use containers to block passageways.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall around the entire complex.

Fastest Route

Immediately leave. This is a dead-end with nothing you need inside.