Lair of the Dragon
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SpecialEnd of plane boss, Shard of Fire
PortalEnd (locked by boss)
BossesPlane of Fire boss: Dozekar


After going up and down the holes in the previous area you finally get to your destination of the boss fight. All you will find in this area is Dozekar the Dragon who is introduced via a cutscene. Dozekar has the Shard of Fire, and once you have it you can return to Mithaniel Marr as proof that you are worthy to get his Shard of Valor. Before you leave, make sure to run around and collect the many little piles of gold all throughout the Lair of the Dragon.

Dozekar is primarily a melee attacker with very long reach. For melee attacks Dozekar can bite and hit you with his claws, wings and tail. All are very powerful with a chance to stun. For special attacks, Dozekar breathes fire, casts fire storm, and uses a non-damaging wing buffet to push you quickly away. And it's no surprise that Dozekar is immune to fire. You should have a high fire resistance by this time, too.

It is possible to fight Dozekar using running away and using ranged attacks, or by blocking in melee and timing attacks. Ranged attacks are generally more effective because Dozekar only has fire storm at ranged. You can tell he is casting fire storm because he puts his head into the air. You can avoid the rain of fire by looking for the circle of orange that appears on the floor and then avoiding that area. When fighting in melee, stay to his front half to avoid his tail. Wait until he inhales to get a couple of hits in and then block again. If you are lucky, his breath will miss you and you can stop blocking for a couple more hits. If not, blocking stops most of the damage and a potion should keep you stable. If he casts fire storm you may be able to get in a few hits, if running up to him won't put you in the area of effect.

Whatever your character type, the best strategy is to follow the hint given to you on the loading screen. Find the portal using your mini map and try and keep the portal between you and the dragon. Use the portal as a shield as you wait for Dozekar to breathe fire, and then rush in to attack. If Dozekar breathes to the side, he actually hits a much larger area in front of him than you would think. Try to get him to breathe straight for a smaller area of effect. You can also use spells that aren't blocked by the portal to whittle his health away, and you can use the time he spends confused by the obstacle to let potions do their thing.

Most Efficient Route

Kill the boss, get the shard, and walk around for gold.

Fastest Route

Kill the boss quickly.