Drundar Arena
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EnemiesFootmen of the apocalypse (War, Death, Disease, Pestilence), summoned skeletons
SpecialAutomatically go to hub when complete
BossesPlane of War boss: Avatar of Fear


Before you can join the forces of evil, you have to prove yourself worthy in battle by fighting in the arena. You cannot gate out of this area so get your ammo and potions before you enter because you will need them. The first thing you have to do is fight the four footmen of the apocalypse... ok so they forgot their horses and famine changed his name. They aren't bosses or mini bosses, but they are more than strong enough to each be a mini boss.

All of the footmen are very damaging and fast melee attackers (with stun chance) and they all have the same attack routines. Where they differ is the spell they can cast: War has Storm of Fire, Death has Summon Skeleton, Disease has Disease Bolt, and Pestilence has Tagar's Insects. Since they can only walk slowly, stay out of melee the best you can while using ranged attacks to wear the footmen down. You can kill the skeleton, but there is no point because it will just be summoned again. Try to concentrate your damage on a single footman rather than spreading the damage across all four. As his spell is probably the one you like the least, kill Death first (the one with the axe) to prevent the skeleton from being summoned. Once you are finished with the footman, you will have to fight the real end boss for the plane.

Plane of War End Boss: Avatar of Fear

Unless you are out of potions or ammo, the Avatar of Fear should be easier than the footmen. He is a big melee brawler with powerful stun attacks including a double fisted ground pound ability that can stun even if you are blocking. Since he is good in melee, stay away and use ranged attacks if you still have them. Alternatively if you wish to melee with him, block until he pulls back his hand to swing and then jump back so he misses. Then walk forward and attack once before repeating. Repeat until he is dead but do not approach him if he is about to use his ground pound area effect stun attack. You can also weave through the pillars around the outside of the arena, using them as shields and as a means to slow him down.

Once the Avatar of Fear is defeated, quickly pick up any treasure that drops. Rellos Zek will appear in a cutscene and tell you to find more Shards like the one you are already carrying. Then he will transport you to the Plane of Fear causing anything you didn't pick up before the cutscene to be lost. The Plane of Fear will now be your new hub for the rest of the game, but instead of Firiona Vie, Natasla will now be your shopkeeper and handler. As your hub, the Plane of Fear is basically the same as the Plane of Tranquility, but with a different ambiance. Natasla's first mission is for you to go to the Plane of Innovation to help construct a siege engine... but really you are going there for another Shard.

Most Efficient Route

Kill the footmen and then the boss. Pick up everything you can before the start of the cutscene (you might want to drop items you don't need during the fight with the footman so you have room).

Fastest Route

Same as above.