Plane of Valor: Four Corners
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EnemiesPit boars, mosquitoes, warriors (gladiators, centurions, samurai)
Special4 Sarcophagus Keys (Forked, Twisted, Heavy, Narrow)
Saves2 total: start, upper central area near exit
PortalUpper central area
BossesNakuzi, Tsubaki, Yatsima, Tinicus (all must be defeated)
ExitsThe Halls of Honor


This area is also called "Plane of Valor" like the previous one, but this one is bigger and has a mini boss in each corner, hence the name. All the enemies in this area you have fought before, but some of the warriors looked different on the Plane of War.

All the warriors only use standard melee attacks and prefer to fight honorably. Instead of attacking all at once, often a single warrior will attack and other warriors will watch the duel instead of joining in the fray. As they like to go one-on-one, an ally can be of great help (summoned or another player) as you don't have to fight honorably and can attack a warrior's back while he is busy. The last attack in their combo is a knockdown attack, officially known as a stun attack. If they start to glow red, then jump back to avoid it as you will still be knocked down even if blocking. Soften them up with ranged attacks and finish them in melee. Most warriors are samurai and often they will fall to their knees and commit seppuku once defeated... so let them die in peace and stop attacking because they're dead already even though the animation takes a while.

You can enter the next area as soon as you find the exit, but you will need four Sarcophagus Keys from this area so don't exit until you have them. Each of the warrior mini bosses carries one Sarcophagus Key so you will have to find them in the corners and then defeat them. The bosses have the following keys: Nakuzi, Forked; Tsubaki, Twisted; Yatsima, Heavy; and Tinicus, Narrow. Defeating these warriors should be easy because they are exactly like all the other warriors in this area except they have more hitpoints. From your starting point, a chest is in the corner at the start of the stream, and 2 more are in the trees before Nakuzi, and another is down a dead-end on the right side after him. On each of the islands you will find Tsubaki and Yatsima, and near them are two chests. The last chest is by Tinicus. (Note: Sometimes a mini boss will be guarding the exit rather than being in his normal location.)

Most Efficient Route

Go forward past the save point to the start of the river. Keep the wall it runs by on your right as you follow back towards your starting area, through the trees, and all the way around. Defeat Nakuzi and Tsubaki on the way for their keys. After finding the two chests on the island near Tsubaki, follow the stream as it loops back towards the way you came and go through the passage. Follow the left wall turning around when it meets up with the starting area you already explored. Follow the stream bed down a dead-end to Yatsima, and continue following the left wall all the way to Tinicus for the 4th key. Continue following the left wall to the exit.

Fastest Route

From the start go right and follow the path through the trees. Take the next left after Nakuzi and follow the right wall all the way around the map until you end up with 4 keys. Then head to the exit you passed earlier.