Faydark Forest
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EnemiesMelee elves, archer elves
Special8 Spirit Anchors, blocked Unexplored Tomb (need shovel)
Saves2 total: start, exit to Kelethin
ExitsOrc Caves (previous area), Kelethin (dead end), Unexplored Tomb


This is a very short area, and Faydark is the quickest Plane to complete if you ignore the optional side quests. All you need to do is activate all 8 of the Spirit Anchors in this area and you are done. Follow the left wall through the area activating each Spirit Anchor as you go. There is one anchor down a dead-end past the elevator to Kelethin. That is all you must do before returning to Natasla and continuing to the Plane of Nightmares.

There are two dead-end areas (Kelethin and the Unexplored Tomb) that are accessible from Faydark Forest. You can explore Kelethin as soon as you find it if the all the elves in the Orc Cave have been defeated. However, you may want to wait until later to do so if you are coming back for the Unexplored Tomb anyway. To access the Unexplored Tomb you need to clear the way using the Archaeologist's Shovel that can be found randomly somewhere in Kelethin. But that only allows you limited access to the Unexplored Tomb until you also have the Words of Spiritual Harmony from the Plane of Nightmares.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left side wall. Explore the dead-end area Kelethin for treasure and experience plus a side-quest item that isn't super useful until after you get another side-quest item from the Plane of Nightmares. When you are finished in Kelethin, portal back to Faydark Forest and continue following the right wall until eight Spirit Anchors have been activated, and then gate back to the Plane of Fear.

Fastest Route

Same as above, but skip Kelethin.