The Great Glacier
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EnemiesBadgers, goblins (melee, archers, shaman)
Saves2 total: start, middle
ExitsThe Caves of Mount Grenidor (previous area), the Bastion of Thunder


This is a huge area that is a series of frozen paths where in half you are exposed to ranged attacks, and in half it is closed in with tight walls. Use ranged attacks to kill archers and the shamans that keep them alive because you won't be able to reach them otherwise before they pound on you.

Most Efficient Route

Go behind the save point for a chest. Continue forward and follow the left wall into a dead-end. Take the next right for another dead-end and start following the left wall. After a long while you will go down a dead-end for a chest. When you go back to the path, start following the right wall to loop back into another dead-end for the 3rd chest you saw earlier. Continue on to the 2nd save point and start following the left wall all the way to the exit.

Fastest Route

Follow the right wall. Skip the first path to the right, and continue following the right wall. After a long while the path will start to loop back to the right to an area you saw earlier. Instead, go left to the 2nd save point. Past the 2nd save point follow the right wall all the way to the exit.