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EnemiesGoblins (melee, archer & shaman), big goblins, fire elementals, fire beetles (source of Fire Beetle Eyes)
Saves2 total: start, middle
ExitsObsidian Forest (previous area), Upper Lake of Fire


While this area looks very different from the previous area, it plays the same way with the same kinds of enemies. The pathways don't have walls so ranged attacks by you and your enemies will go very far without obstruction. Look for a manhole down to the Lakes of Fire to go to the next area.

There are two new enemies here: big goblins and fire elementals. The big goblins look more like the goblin mini bosses but are basically the same as the small goblins. Fire elementals appear as a goblin on fire, but really that is what it is supposed to look like. Fire elementals are immune to fire and are offensive spellcasters with fire spells. Unlike the shaman they do not run away when approached, cannot resurrect others, and don't leave a corpse when they die. Keep your fire resist levels high and use ranged attacks while moving and they won't be a problem. Additionally, there is another goblin mini boss on this level on a dead-end to the right guarding a chest. He is just like the other three in the previous area.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left path down into the dead-end for two chests. When you are done, follow the right wall down another dead-end to the mini-boss and the last chest. Continue along the right wall until the 2nd save point and then finish off the loop back. Return to the 2nd save point and follow the left wall to the exit.

Fastest Route

Take the first right after the save point and then follow the left wall to the 2nd save point. Follow the right wall all the way to the exit.