Safety Chamber Two (North)
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EnemiesArcher skeletons, melee skeletons (source of Bone Chips)
SpecialBreakable walls, one of three seals to be broken, Shard of Water (possible)
Saves1 total: start
PortalEnd at seal
ExitsThe Plane of Water (previous area)


In this area, like in the other two Safety Chambers, your goal is to break open a wall to let the water rush into the Pit of Ill Omen. To leave the starting area, you must break open a wall with a melee weapon. You will need to do this repeatedly to find your way to the seal (which is another breakable wall) and then open it. Use the map and it will be obvious which walls can be broken. Your end goal will be to get the Shard of Water which will appear if this is the 3rd and final seal you have broken in the three Safety Chambers. Once you have the Shard of Water, use the portal to return to Natasla on the Plane of Fear.

The seal can be found at the at the end of the path to the left of the start. When you pass the save point, you know you are going in the correct direction. The other two routes are eventual dead-ends with skeletons in each room.

Skeletons are the most common undead and are fairly basic. Certain spells and effects are particularly useful against undead so check your spell descriptions. Also, undead are strong or immune against certain effects such as poison and disease. Skeletons specifically are resistant to cold damage (but not the effect) and are weaker against blunt weapons. Skeletons are also the only monsters that have the potential to drop bone chips. Skeletons are very easy to fight and you shouldn't have any trouble dealing with them.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall, breaking every wall that can be broken. Use the portal to return to The Plane of Water.

Fastest Route

Break the wall that leads to the save point. Continue along this path until you find the portal. Use the portal to return to The Plane of Water.