The Hidden Glacier
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SpecialShard of Storms, can use gate scrolls and exit while boss is alive
BossesPlane of Storms boss: Wenglox
ExitsThe Bastion of Thunder (previous area), no exit (end of plane)


Wenglox has the Shard of Storms, and once you steal it away from him the monsters in the Caves of Mount Grenidor will be easy to kill. Once you have the Shard of Storms do not exit the plane. Instead, use the pathway back to the previous area and use the portal to go back to the Caves of Mount Grenidor and kill everything. You must kill everything in that area before going back to the Plane of Valor and speaking with Mithaniel Marr to continue the game.

Wenglox is a yeti with more hitpoints, a stronger (cold enchanted) attack, and he is able to cast Shock of Frost as his ranged attack. He is a fast attacker, but he does not move as fast as normal yeti. Wenglox also has a number of badgers in the area (four on adventurous, more on higher difficulties).

If you are lucky when you first enter, the camera will be positioned far enough away that Wenglox will not attack and you can kill a couple of the badgers without worrying about the boss. Either way it's best to run away from the boss and kill off the badgers before trying to deal with Wenglox. Avoiding Wenglox is good practice because even if you are playing a melee character, it is best to fight Wenglox using ranged attacks. The cold effect will still slow you down while blocking so melee isn't a good option. On the bright side, even if Wenglox kills you a large number of times you are still going to win through attrition. Unlike other end bosses, you can save your progress by using a gate scroll or by exiting the way you came in.

Most Efficient Route

Kill the boss, get the shard and go back to the portal in the previous area. Use the portal to go to the Caves of Mount Grenidor and kill everything there.

Fastest Route

Same as above.