Obsidian Forest
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EnemiesMelee goblins, archer goblins, shaman goblins, fire beetles (source of Fire Beetle Eyes)
Saves2 total: start, middle
BossesThreshold the Feeble, Krabul Skull Crusher, Grungoll
ExitsShorefire (aka South Obsidian Forest)


Mithaniel Marr sent you to collect the Shard of Fire before he will give you the Shard of Valor. Unlike the previous elemental planes, the majority of enemies on this plane use fire so now is a very good time to improve your fire resistance. Breakable containers appear as clay pots, and later as charred corpses. Look out for black pots as these are chests for this plane and are easy to mistake as rocks. This area favors ranged attacks as there are few obstacles, and arrows even go over the walls.

You will encounter goblins in the standard three varieties. Any attack has a small chance to stun any goblin type. They shouldn't give you much trouble unless there are a large number or they are using fire enchanted weapons and you don't have any fire resistance. The glowing goblin shaman are more than just support here as they now have some good offensive fire spells as well as being able to fire enchant the weapons of others. Deal with them as you deal with all shaman just use a little more caution.

There are three large goblin mini bosses in this area. You only have to fight Grungoll as he blocks the way to the exit and the others can be avoided if you try. There is no reason to avoid them as they only have standard melee attacks and are pretty weak for mini bosses. They are about as fast as you but there is a high probability for them to have fire enchanted weapons, and if a shaman is near he can enchant their weapons too. If that is the case you should run in small circles instead of blocking to avoid fire damage as you trade blows. It also possible to lure all the mini bosses near walls where you can shoot them from the other side and they cannot counter attack, but you should be able to kill them easily without having to put a wall between you. Just avoid fighting them when they have archer support and you should be fine.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall to the 1st mini boss and a chest. Continue following the right wall past a bottleneck to where you see water. Follow the left wall down a dead-end for a chest and continue to the 2nd save point. Follow the left wall for the last chest and 2nd mini-boss. When the path bottlenecks go back to the 2nd save point past the water. Turn around and follow the right wall up to the exit.

Fastest Route

Go left after passing the save point. Follow the right wall to the exit.