Gothic Castle
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EnemiesVampires (source of Vampire Fangs)
SpecialBabik, Bloodvine, Bloodstone of Isles
Saves2 total: start at Babik, other side of loop
ExitsGnome Island (previous)


The Gothic Castle is only accessible by speaking with Babik after saving all eight gnomes on Gnome Island. This area is a dead-end and doesn't lead anywhere new, and it doesn't have anything to do with the story arc. Other than for a little exploring, there is no reason to come to the Gothic Castle before you have a Bag in your inventory. So assuming you have a Bag, or want to explore this area twice, read on....

This area is a large rectangular loop with two side sections off of it. If you try and get Babik to come with you, he will tell you "no" in a roundabout way saying he has been here before. In a side section through some water between Smush and the 2nd save point, you will find a dangerous thorny plant. This plant is the Bloodvine that Sylea wants, and you can only get near it if you have the Bag in your inventory. The Bloodstone of Isles can also be found as a random drop here. It will either be dropped by a defeated enemy, or it will be found in one of the many breakable pots. Generally, it will drop later rather than sooner as you explore.

There is only one type of enemy here... vampires. Vampires are undead so the standard undead strengths and weaknesses apply, but they are very weak melee attackers as they like to strike and then jump back, and they rarely block. Even swarms of vampires aren't particularly dangerous since they tend to attack then back off. Vampires are also the only monster that have the potential to drop vampire fangs. However, due to a bug in the game these items are useless. If you ever find one, socket it into a valuable item just before you sell it.

Smush is an ogre mini boss that moves fast and has a strong fast melee attack with a stun chance. He has two weaknesses: no ranged attack and like most enemies he is stupid... aka he has very poor pathfinding AI. There are two directions you might enter Smush's room. As soon as you see his health bar appear, you may want to gate out to have a checkpoint close by just in case he catches and kills you. Don't worry as it is more likely you will kill him without taking any damage for a large amount of easy experience. On one side of the room is a ledge and if you can get onto it he will likely stay in the water below the ledge and you can use ranged attacks to kill him without taking any damage. To get onto the ledge it depends on which way you came into this room. If you took the short way, it is on the opposite corner of the room and you will have to run by Smush to get to it. If you took the long way around, it is on the left side as you enter the room. A quick look at your map should show you where you want to be when you fight him.

Most Efficient Route

While facing Babik, go down the right passageway. Follow the left wall all the way around the area. This is the long way to Smush. (Remember to follow the wall down waterways!)

Fastest Route

While facing Babik, go down the left passageway. Follow the right wall. This is the short way to Smush. You will probably come to the Bloodvine before you find the Bloodstone of Isles, but sooner or later you will find both. Once you have both, use a gate scroll to leave. However, if you have not yet delivered the Conch to Kerriel, it will be faster to leave via Babik once you have both items. (Remember to follow the wall down waterways!)