Bloodless Tomb
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EnemiesGremlin archers
SpecialShard Of Nightmare, archers that can't be reached
PortalEnd (locked by boss)
BossesPlane of Nightmares boss: Vanarhost
ExitsLower Dungeon (one way)


When you pass the portal a cutscene will start with Vanarhost telling you how much he has suffered since he was betrayed and how he has looked forward to your defeat. Vanarhost's speech won't make any sense unless you played the previous game, and if you're playing a shaman or a berserker when you encounter him in this game... it doesn't make any sense period. Once you have defeated him he will drop the Shard of Nightmares and now you can finish your quest and the game. The next Plane you go to will immediately be the final boss and the end of the game, so you may want to finish off any side-quests while you still can.

Oh no, Vanarhost the vampire lord is after you... walk, walk for your life! Yes this guy is slow and only has melee attacks. He has set up archers all around the outside of the area (where you can't get to) to shoot at you from above, but the arrows can't hit you if you fight at the portal or in the center of the room. Vanarhost can fly away off screen and then suddenly clamp onto you for a very damaging cold attack unless you're blocking. After his hitpoints are low he does his best Darth Vader impression with a red sword and black armor and loses the cold effect, but he now has a high stun chance. Vanarhost is undead so he has the same strengths and weaknesses common to all undead (including the destroy undead ability of some weapons) but he is only very resistant rather than immune to poison and disease effects.

Vanarhost has a lot of weaknesses you can exploit, the biggest of which is that he is slow while on screen. You can hit him with ranged attacks and you might even kill him before he gets to you. You can fight him at the portal (using it for cover, too) to avoid the archers, or just go into the center of the area and you will also be safe. If he disappears, block in the direction you last saw him. When he clamps on to you, continue blocking (adjusting to face him if necessary) and wait until you turn blue from the cold, and then attack. When (or if) he pulls out his sword, he will likely stun you even if you are blocking, but he is damaged and didn't start with many hitpoints so just finish him off with ranged attacks. (Even Natasla dismisses Vanarhost as unimportant when you later speak to her.)

Most Efficient Route

Kill the boss, get the Shard, and use the portal to leave.

Fastest Route

Same as above.