Isle of Deep Regret

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EnemiesFrogloks, fire beetles (source of Fire Beetle Eyes)
SpecialConch (possible)
Saves2 total: start, entrance to Proon's Lair
ExitsBoat, Proon's Lair (dead-end)


Proon is the skinny and slow runt of the cyclopes, making him the easiest to kill. Like the others he can attack with his club (a stun attack), throw sand (no damage but interferes with blocking), use a spit attack (close poison magic attack), or use a rear poison attack (very weak). He is the only one who you can easily outrun and therefore effectively use ranged attacks against, but he is very easy to kill in melee. Proon's club is stronger than the other cyclopes if it connects, but you can easily ensure it doesn't hit you. Proon can only swing up and down and can't attack side to side. If you get up close and attack his sides, then none of his attacks will be able to hit you. If he is the third and last cyclops you kill, he will drop the Conch.

Most Efficient Route

Go down the right side path every time you come to a junction, following the right hand wall as you do. Two chests are on rightmost loop, and one is just before the 2nd save point on the left. Don't worry about the loops you miss because you can catch them on the way back. Proon's Lair is after the 2nd save point and inside is Proon and one chest midway up on the right side wall. When you exit, continue following the right side wall and you will catch the loops you missed earlier on your way back to the boat.

Fastest Route

Take the first right at the save point and then make a left at every other fork until you get to the 2nd save point and Proon's lair. Go back the way you came to the boat.