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EnemiesMelee goblins, archer goblins, ogres
Special8 switches
Saves3 total: start, behind arena, on left side of arena
ExitsLost Battleground (previous area), Drundar Arena (one way)


This area controls the doors to the Arena, and you must unlock 8 switches to enter the Arena in the back part of Drundar. The switches can be found in 4 pairs around the outside of the Arena on raised walls and appear as yellow symbols on your map. There are many archers on raised walls that will be difficult for you to get to so bring ranged weapons (bow & arrows, or thrown) that can shoot up if your spells can't reach. You will need them in the next area too.

You will encounter melee and archer goblins for the first time in this area, but you will see many of them throughout the game. They are basic fighters with low hitpoints, but their attacks can be damaging. Any damage has a small chance to stun goblins. They shouldn't give you much trouble unless there are a large number or if they are using enchanted weapons, in which case run away and try and thin them out before attacking.

The ogres will be more a problem as they have lots of hitpoints and while they can only have melee attacks, those attacks have a chance to knock you backwards or knock you down even if you are blocking. Anything that can do this is officially known as a stun attack. Ogres are generally found near switches but are generally on a different elevation to you and they often can't get to you. Use this against them by using ranged attacks, or if they are below you they will stay close to the wall where you can hit them with melee attacks but not necessarily every swing. If one is in melee with you, block and only take a swing or two when it is safe to do so before blocking again. If an ogre looks like he is going to hit you with both hands, use the jump back feature.

In an alcove to the right of the save point you will find a chest. Further on you will encounter a raised wall with a bunch of archers shooting down at you. If you are too close to a section on a higher elevation, your arrows will hit the wall instead of your target. Get some distance from the goblins and shoot even if you can't see your target.
Tip: If you zoom in your camera and position it properly you can actually see further ahead than if you zoom out your camera all the way.
On either side of the portal are two switches and two ogres guarding them that can be shot from below. From here you will need to go counterclockwise around the arena to access the other six. (If you have difficulty fighting the ogres in melee, instead go to the left to shoot a few other ogres near the 3rd save point so you don't have to deal with them later.) The other chest is to a path to the right after passing between the 3rd and 4th switches.

Thud is an ogre mini boss just like the other ogres but with stronger attacks and more hitpoints. He can be found shortly after the 6th switch. When you see his name on the bottom of the screen, return to the 5th switch and attack him from above. You may need to follow over to the alcove just below the 5th switch before you go up the stairs to confuse his pathfinding ability.

Most Efficient Route

Take the right path past the save point and grab the chest. Before you get to the portal shoot another ogre over the water to the right near a chest. Go up the stairs near the portal and activate two switches. Continue counterclockwise around the arena shooting another ogre before he drops down. Take the path between the 3rd and 4th switches and go right. Follow the left wall (dropping down) for a chest. Go around again but this time don't drop down until after activating the 3rd switch. Go down the same path again and take the left side this time and follow the left wall activating switches and fighting Thud on the way. After activating the 7th switch, hug the right wall. When the cutscene lowers the stairs, drop down and save at the 3rd save point. If you can do so, restock your potions and ammo, but leave some space for loot before going into the arena.

Fastest Route

Same as above except don't bother going down the side path for the 2nd chest.