The Halls of Honor
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EnemiesWarriors (gladiators, centurions, samurai)
SpecialShard of Valor, Sarcophaguses, Sacred Incantation
Saves1 total: start
PortalCenter of area
ExitsPlane of Valor: Four Corners (previous area), no exit (end of plane)


When you enter this area check to see that you have four Sarcophagus Keys in your inventory before continuing. If you are missing any, return to the previous area and get them. You will need the Keys to get the four Sacred Incantations out of the tombs. Each of the Sacred Incantations will remove one of the blue rings guarding the Shard of Valor at the start of the area, and once you have removed all four rings, the Shard will be yours. At that point return to Natasla to end the Plane of Valor and get access to Faydark.

From your starting position, the Forked Sarcophagus is in the right back corner of the area, and the Heavy Sarcophagus is at the end of the left passage past the portal. The Narrow Sarcophagus is in the room to the far left, and the Twisted Sarcophagus is close to the Shard, but you must loop back on it from the same passage that leads to the Narrow Sarcophagus. Remember to actually take each Incantation once each tomb is open.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall all around the entire area.

Fastest Route

Go to the left and go down the 2nd passage to the left. Follow the left wall, eventually passing the portal and picking up three Sacred Incantations. Return to the save point and go down the passage closest to it. At the end of the passage at the T-junction, go left for the final Incantation. Gate out, portal back in, and get the Shard. Return to Natasla.