Plane of Traquility (End)
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SpecialShard of Tranquility, Planar Gateway, end of game
BossesEnd of Game boss: Mithaniel Marr


As soon as you enter this plane, a cutscene starts off with Mithaniel Marr scolding and forgiving you but saying he is still going to kill you. He isn't joking either, as he is going to kill you a number of times before you win the game. If he was as smart as he is strong, he would have attacked you when you brought back the Shard of Storms rather than sending you away. Mithaniel Marr is the toughest boss in the game unless you use a cheap trick. This is the big end boss fight and the end of the game so before you start you should be stocked up on everything you need like ammunition and lots of potions.

Mithaniel Marr is a big bad melee boss with terrific armor, a high chance to stun, and an attack so powerful it can break through blocks. While Mithaniel Marr slashes away, his sword will change color as it glows blue and then white. The stronger it glows the more damage it will do if it connects. He also has a spin attack. This isn't really a melee attack but instead means he is casting Planar Wind. If you are close to him when he does this, his sword will cut you down in addition to the Planar Wind. If Mithaniel Marr glows green, then that means he is blocking and you should use spells rather than melee attacks.

Mithaniel Marr has a lot of options on how to attack in melee, but they basically boil down to two maneuvers, thrust or slash. If he thrusts, you are in for a world of hurt. Mithaniel Marr will fly over and stab you. If you block and are lucky, this attack will only knock you over. If you block and are unlucky, he will knock you over, his boot will hit you while you are falling backwards (more damage) and the thrust will go through the block, killing you in one thrust attack from full health. He can only do a thrust attack if you are far enough away, so staying in melee is actually your best option just so you can avoid his thrusts and most of the Planar Wind.

That means it's better if Mithaniel Marr is slashing away at you in melee. If you block, the majority of the time you can remain standing and use potions to offset the damage that goes through, but he will eventually knock you backwards. When he does this, do not get trapped against a wall or you are dead. Avoid this by blocking, turning slightly and then jumping back so that you do not move directly away from him. If you time this just right, this can also be an opportunity to attack. Mithaniel Marr will continue to step forward and you can attack his rear. However it is tricky to damage him this way and only do it if you can successfully do it again and again.

But the above only deals with how to avoid damage and you also need to deal damage if you are going to win. How to best fight Mithaniel Marr depends more on what class of character you are playing than any other boss fight. Each character has a special spell or ability that works well against Mithaniel Marr. If your character is heavy melee fighter with high hitpoints and spells to beef you up, you could go toe to toe with Mithaniel Marr by attacking him when his sword is not glowing so you can survive. Wizards will need to use Frost Armor, and Shadow Knights a combination of Shadow Step (to avoid thrusts), blocking and various disease spells. Characters able to jump back a far distance (rather than just step back) have the option to block, jump back, attack once, block again and repeat.

But if none of that works for you, try this cheap trick from back when fighting Dozekar the Dragon... see the loading screen, that again is the hint. Run to the right from the starting platform and get behind the Planar Gateway. If you keep the Planar Gateway between you and Mithaniel Marr, every character has at least one spell or ability that is not blocked by the Planar Gateway, and you will be able to use it to slowly kill Mithaniel Marr.

Once Mithaniel Marr is dead, the Shard of Tranquility is yours to claim. Now you have a choice, to go through the Planar Gateway and end the game, or continue playing on your current difficulty level. If you go through the gate, you will see the ending and get the opportunity to save the game. You may now play the game at the next higher difficulty level, importing any character you wish, not just the one that defeated Mithaniel Marr. If you import the character that stepped through the gateway, that character will no longer have any of the quest items in the new game even if you return to the same difficulty you just completed. You will be able to travel to any Plane you wish in the new game if you choose the same difficulty level.

There are many reasons why you may wish to continue playing without losing your quest items. If you have yet to complete the many side-quests and optional areas you may you do that now while you still can. Once you lose all the quest items you won't be able to access the areas that need them (such as the Unexplored Tomb) until you have the appropriate item(s) again. If you want to continue playing, go to "Exit this Mission." If you leave the Plane of Fear, you will have to defeat Mithaniel Marr once again when you return to the Plane of Tranquility. Either way... have fun!

Most Efficient Route

Kill the boss.

Fastest Route

Same as above.