The Bastion of Thunder
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EnemiesBadgers, yeti
Saves2 total: start, end at buildings
PortalEnd at 2nd save point
ExitsThe Great Glacier (previous area), the Hidden Glacier (boss fight)


This area is a series of loops. The lightning dancing around the rooftops looks dangerous, but it isn't. If you skipped the Thunder Cave, this will the first time you encounter yeti. The yeti are just like the demons from the Plane of Torment but are white and hairy. Use the strategies you used against the demons to defeat them.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left wall down the dead-end and to the 2nd building, and then start following the right wall. After finding a chest, take the next left towards the building. Keep it on your left as you follow its wall to two more chests. Continue forward and follow the right wall to another chest, but don't go down the exit when you reach that point. Go directly away from the exit between the two buildings past the portal to the 2nd save point for another chest. Past the 2nd save point, go left and follow the right side wall. It will loop back towards the buildings. In a small alcove before the thin ledge is another chest. When you reach the corner of the building, finish exploring the path to the 2nd save point and return to the corner. Follow the left "wall" past another chest and then start following the right side wall. When that path has looped back to the building, make sure the building is on your right and follow the building towards the exit. Before you reach the portal you will find 2 more chests... one in an alcove (the one on the loading screen) and yet another between that alcove and the portal on an outside corner. Take a save and go to the exit to fight the boss.

Fastest Route

Follow the right wall until you see a building, and then start following the left wall. When you see the big building, go right past the 2nd save point. Continue straight past the portal to the exit and boss.