Mine Level 1
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EnemiesAnvil clockworks, arrow clockworks, mini clockworks
Saves2 total: start, middle
ExitsThe Plane of Innovation (previous area), Mine Level 2


You have to deal with the same clockworks that you saw in the last area, plus mini clockworks. Mini clockworks have all the resistances and immunities of their bigger brothers, but they don't have many hitpoints or good armor. They don't attack, but they run up to you, light a fuse and self-destruct. This damages nearby monsters, and can set off nearby bombs, but not other mini clockworks. In addition to hurting you, this means you don't get any experience for the mini that self-destructed. If you see them, then they aren't much of a threat, but often you won't until it is too late.

This area is much like the last, except that the mini clockworks make it harder, and the overhead beams get in the way of the camera. Use bombs against your enemies if you can. If you can't, ignite them anyway so you don't get caught in an enemy's death explosion. The exit is hard to see as it is very similar to the other square pits in this area, but it has a ladder. Use your map so you don't miss it.

Most Efficient Route

Go right from the save point, and then go back the other way. Follow the left wall to the 2nd save point, and then go right. Return to 2nd save point and then follow the left wall to the exit.

Fastest Route

Go left from the save point, and then go right at the fork. Follow the right wall to the 2nd save point and then turn left. Follow the right wall to the exit.