Plane of Tranquility
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When you first start the game, you will be in the Plane of Tranquility. The Planar Gateway that allows you to change levels is here so this is the hub until you finish the Plane of War. As your hub, gate scrolls bring you back to this point. It is safe to walk away from the controller to heal or regenerate mana here as you will never encounter an enemy here. Speak to Firiona Vie and she will ask you to save all of existence because the last army that tried all died in the attempt.

Firiona Vie will also offer to buy and sell equipment. This is one of only two shops you will be able to access while you are good. Later a different character will provide a shop in the hub but it is no better or worse than this one. If you only have 500 gold, the only things you will be able to afford are potions, arrows and possibly a thrown weapon. Items listed in red are too high a level or not allowed for your class, so don't buy them. You are going to need a ranged weapon. As clerics have very limited options for ranged attacks, you may want to consider playing something other than a cleric your first time through the game. If you have a bow, spend all your starting money on arrows. If not a ranger, cleric or wizard, buy the best thrown weapon you can afford. If there are no thrown weapons available, consider buying two healing potions. If you are playing a wizard simply buy two mana potions.

Check that your game options are on your desired settings. "Damage Text" should be "On" so you can tell when you are and are not doing damage. Take some time to explore the tiny Plane of Tranquility. You won't find any treasure, but you will find a portal, a save point, and an exit. Portals and save points will always look exactly like those on this plane. Bring up your map so that you can see the map symbols for all three. Always first seek out and touch portals and save points in levels to activate them and checkpoint your progress. Exits may look different from level to level and are often difficult to notice as exits. However the map symbol for an exit will normally be the same, so remember what that symbol looks like on your map. If at any point you are having difficulty, remember that drawing enemies back to a save point makes them easy to kill. If you die, you won't have lost any progress, and if another player dies, he will be quickly resurrected and be back in the fight.

Some players will prefer to rush straight to each exit or quest item to finish as fast as possible. Others will prefer to systematically kill every monster and open every chest and collect every piece of treasure before going to the next area. Both are perfectly valid ways to play the game. You should keep in mind that if you rush to finish each area, you may find that your character is not powerful enough to kill bosses when you encounter them. However this walkthrough will help both play styles. Each area will have the fastest route noted, and the most efficient route noted to explore the area with the least amount of backtracking. Whatever your style, after you are familiar with the controls head to the Planar Gateway to start the Plane of War.