The Plane of Innovation
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EnemiesAnvil clockworks, arrow clockworks
SpecialNitram (good), Giwin (evil)
Saves2 total: start, left passage after portal
PortalMid level at Giwin
ExitsMine Level 1


There are two types of clockworks to deal with on this plane, some with anvils for hands (Model XXXVI) and some that shoot arrows. Both types have a stun chance in melee. Clockworks cannot be poisoned or diseased (although they still take damage), are completely immune to all fire effects, take partial damage from most spells and have a high armor rating. However, explosions still hurt them, they move slowly, and cold effects still work and slow them down even more. Arrow clockworks are decent in melee but are excellent ranged attackers. When they start a volley of arrows, block until they are finished. Anvil clockworks have a chance to explode when they die, which also sets off nearby bombs. If you see and hear their head rotate around, and then they start wobbling, get away from them. Even though arrow clockworks do this animation, they will never explode. It's no surprise that it is best to use ranged attacks against anvil clockworks and melee against arrow clockworks if spells are not effective.

Soon after starting this area you will encounter a gnome named Nitram speaking in techno-babble. He tells you that he wishes he had the last Copper Sprocket on the plane for some unknown gnomish reason... but ignore him as he isn't evil like Giwin. Giwin is the gnome you will want to help as he is building the giant siege machine of death that Natasla sent you here to help with. Eventually you will find the Copper Sprocket but not until the end of the plane when you take it away from a giant siege machine of death.

Most Efficient Route

Take the first right and then double back. Continue forward and then take the next left. Go right at the portal, and at the end of that route gate back to the hub, and portal back. Take the left passage this time, explore the room after the 2nd save point, and then follow the left wall to the exit.

Fastest Route

As you come to forks, go left and then right. Go left at the portal and left at the 2nd save point. After leaving that room, follow the right wall to the exit.