The Plane of Torment, West
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EnemiesGhouls (source of Ghoul Flesh), demons
SpecialSteal flame
Saves2 total: start, at nexus
ExitsPlane of Torment, East (previous area), Citadel of Pain


This area is much like the last, as you go over narrow walkways, steal flames to make bridges, and fight ghouls and demons. You want to go right at the 2nd save point, but to do so you must steal a flame. It is on the other side of bridge that is out so you have to continue on straight and take the long way round. In this area, many of the demons come in pairs and have lots of ghouls to back them up. Approach large areas slowly so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall. Clear the way to the bridge and then return the way you came, continuing to follow the right wall. Steal the flame and return to make the 1st bridge. After the bridge, follow the left wall to a chest and the 2nd flame. Run back the way you came and go left to make the 2nd bridge, and then continue to the 2nd save point. Continue straight ahead until you encounter a flame to steal. Slow down as there are a lot of enemies to deal with up ahead. After they are dealt with, return and steal the flame to make another bridge. Follow the right wall for a chest in a corner and make another bridge back to the save point. Clear out everything straight ahead between you and the last bridge and go back and steal the last flame you encountered to make the bridge. Continue and exit the area at the Citadel of Pain.

Fastest Route

Same as above but don't bother with the short dead-ends that you can see on your map. If you are playing online multiplayer, one player can steal the flame to the left of the 2nd save point and another can make a bridge down the right path to avoid going the long way around.