Orc Caves
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EnemiesMelee elves, archer elves
SpecialKilling all elves allows access to Kelethin
Saves1 total: center
BossesElf Hero
ExitsFaydark Forest


Now that you have the Shard of Valor that Natasla told you to get way back when, you can continue onto Faydark. Apparently Bertoxxulous (same guy from the Plane of Disease) has set up Spirit Anchors in Faydark Forest to give you access to the Plane of Nightmares, but some tricksy elves have disabled them. The Crushbone Orcs have decided to help you, but you have the option to help them first. When all the elves are dead, the Orc Commander will leave during a cutscene. But you don't have to kill the elves and can leave immediately using the exit at the start of the area if you wish. If you do kill all the elves, the gates to Kelethin in Faydark Forest will open and you will be able to access that optional area.

This area is a series of passageways and dead-ends with orcs and elves fighting each other. It is a very easy area because you have allies to distract your foes as you attack from behind. There are nine dead-end side rooms, with a chest/tent in each (or really close) plus one chest in the room before the save point. The Elf Hero mini boss is in the dead-end path to right after the save point, and he is just like all the other melee elves, but with a few more hitpoints and a more damaging attack. Get him to chase you back to some orcs that are still alive for an even easier fight. Elves are similar fighters to goblins, but without any shaman as support. You should make quick work of them especially with your orc allies taking all the damage first.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right or left wall all the way through the area.

Fastest Route

Leave immediately using the exit at your starting position.