The Wilderness
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EnemiesBadgers, snow monsters
Saves2 total: start, middle at portal
PortalMiddle of paths leading to caves
ExitsThunder Cave, Wind Cave, Storm Cave (two locations), the Caves of Mount Grenidor


After getting the Shard of Hate, you returned to the Plane of Valor and spoke with Mithaniel Marr with the expectation of receiving the Shard of Valor. But since he is a very honorable and valiant guy, of course he doesn't give it to you and instead asks you to clean out the Plane of Storms... which means collect the Shard of Storms.

The Plane of Storms could be called "The Plane filled with enemies you fought before but which were wearing different skins." This plane uses a lot enemies you saw on previous planes and now and then gives them cold or lightning enchantments. Use the strategies that worked earlier to deal with them. You may want to equip cold and magic resistant items but they won't be nearly as useful as the fire resistance was previously, and it's not worth bothering with. At the very least change your fire resistance items for something better as they won't be needed. Remember that cold effects are cumulative and make you increasingly slower as they stack up.

In the Wilderness there are few enemies to fight (so they can't swarm) and no chests or containers. In the corners you will find paths to four caves (Thunder, Wind, Storm) as exits. One of the paths to the Storm Cave is blocked by trees and doesn't really count but there are some enemies to kill down that dead-end. The Thunder Cave is found at the end of the first fork to the right before reaching the 2nd save point. The Storm Cave entrance you will later be exiting from is on the other side of trees down a path to the left of the 2nd save point. The Wind Cave is down the right path past the portal, and the Storm Cave you need to go into is down the path to the left of the portal. When you re-enter this area after travelling through the Storm Cave you will be able to use the exit to the Mountain Caves.

Badgers appear as white versions of kobolds and fight very similarly to pit boars. Snow monsters (aka "Klay") are like the lava monsters on the previous level and have strong resistances, but they are only weakly cold enchanted instead of fire enchanted and come out of the ground instead of lava. They are easier to deal with than the lava monsters because you don't have to worry about stepping on lava or taking damage while blocking.

Most Efficient Route

Go right at the first fork and enter the Thunder Cave at the dead-end. Leave the Thunder Cave and return to that fork and follow the left wall all the way down the other dead-end and to the 2nd save point. Go right and follow the right wall past the portal, down the dead-end, and then back to the Wind Cave. Enter the Wind Cave. Enter the Wilderness again via the portal. Follow the right wall to the Storm Cave.

Fastest Route

Go left at the first fork and follow the left wall. At the 2nd save point go straight up to activate the portal. Go down the left path to the Storm Cave exit.