Lost Battleground
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EnemiesSmall kobolds, big kobolds, kobold shamans, war wraiths
SpecialNatasla (opens good or evil path), Shard of War
Saves3 total: start, end of first fork (right), end of first fork (left)
PortalLast fork before end
ExitsField of Strife (good) or Drundar (evil)


As with most levels, the starting cutscene will show you the most common enemies you will find on the level. The small kobolds are only dangerous in swarms, but the big kobolds are one of the few enemies in the game that can you cannot outrun, so don't try. Block, use jump-back, and time your attacks while fighting a big kobold. All kobolds are knocked over easily so beat them while they are down for an easy kill. Shamans are the general class of enemy spellcasters that can resurrect enemy corpses. Kill shamans quickly or deny them access to corpses by using your abilities that destroy corpses (such as cold, raise army, etc.) or by simply drawing the shaman's allies away before killing them.

War wraiths are the first undead creature you will encounter. Be on your guard when you start encountering war wraiths as they have a melee cold attack and can pass through walls. As undead they are immune to the effects of poison and disease (but not the damage) and normally are resistant to cold damage (but not the effect). Certain spells and effects are particularly useful against undead so check your spell descriptions. The war wraith's ability to pass through and over obstacles is unique in the game.

Soon you will come to Natasla. She will try to convince you to help her resurrect the Prince of Hate by promising that you will be rewarded handsomely. Depending if you agree or not, this is where the game branches between the good and evil paths. Since this is the walkthrough for the evil story arc, accept her offer. She's lying about the increased rewards though. It is no more or less profitable to choose good over evil but she will give you the Shard of War to deliver to Rellos Zek (but really it's yours to the end of the game). You will see a cutscene with two gates again, but now the red one will open. It is the exit for this area. (Ranged weapons and spells are extremely helpful in the Plane of War if playing evil, so if you don't have any because it is your first play through the game, choose the good story arc instead.)

Barrels and boxes generally do not drop anything more useful than arrows or potions when broken. Break open any barrels you see since you are just starting out but when you get to the point in the game where you don't need to find potions or arrows, don't waste your time with containers.

Most Efficient Route

When you have a choice, go right. When you reach the portal, go towards the area where you met Natasla, and when you reach the save point turn around and follow the left wall out.

Fastest Route

Hug the right side wall. After Natasla, go left and head up to the portal. At the portal, go left and up to the exit.