Citadel of Pain, North
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EnemiesShadow ninjas, gremlin archers, squids
Saves2 total: middle, end
ExitsTwo exits to the Citadel of Pain, South (previous area), and one after the boss


This area is simple with only one path to follow. It is hard though with three tough large monsters (squids) and a mini boss. After defeating Tormentor, you will find a save point in the next room and shortly after exiting back to the southern halls of the Citadel, you will find the Shard of Torment. When you have it, return to the Plane of Torment, East via the portal and visit Gol Nazyn for the secret that the shards are the Shards of Hate. Specifically, they are pieces of Innoruuk, the Lord of Hate and together they can be used to resurrect him. Now that you know that the Shards you have been collecting at the end of each level are important (duh), return to your hub to the shop and end the Plane and access the Plane of Disease. A bug can occur if Gol Nazyn does not recognize that you have the Shard of Torment in your inventory. If that happens, you will have to reset the plane so the monsters are back and redo it from the beginning.

Squids cannot be poisoned and are much faster than you would expect. Even though they only have a strong melee attack (with stun chance) they are so fast that you are going to have to fight them in melee if you want to or not. Block and jump back if you want to attack ranged; otherwise block and time your counterattacks to defeat them. Don't forget that they are large creatures and like all large creatures it is best to fight them one at a time in a narrow passageway.

Tormentor is a mini boss just like all the other demons you have fought until now, except he has more hitpoints and hits harder. He is just after the point where you have to fight two squids at the same time. As soon as you see his hitpoint bar, run away. This room has a bunch of archers in it and you don't want to fight Tormentor while they are shooting at you. Once they have followed you back to the entrance of the room where you found the two squids, kill them and gate out to put a check point in this room. It is very likely that Tormentor will kill you at least once due to his high chance to stun even while blocking. If you can jump back and then hit him with ranged attacks, that is your best and safest way to defeat him.

Most Efficient Route

It's a simple area with only one obvious path. Follow the path until the 1st save point and chest. Follow the right wall and in the corner where the path turns left you will find another chest. Shortly after that you will fight two squids at the same time. Lure them back into the passage to fight them one at a time. Gate out to put a checkpoint before fighting the mini boss and fight him in the same room as the squids. Continue following the right wall until the 2nd save point and a chest. Exit via the southern halls of the Citadel. Pass the portal and kill one last demon and a couple of archers and collect the Shard of Torment.

Fastest Route

Same as above.