Plane of Valor, Second Visit
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EnemiesBig pit boars, small pit boars, archer skeletons, melee skeletons, minotaurs
SpecialMithaniel Marr, Planar Gateway, skeleton graveyard, sword in stone, area has altered
Saves2 total: start, after skeleton graveyard
ExitsPlane of Valor: Four Corners (by speaking with Mithaniel Marr)


Unlike all the other planes that remain static, the Plane of Valor will have changed when you return after getting the Shard of Storms. The area has the same layout, but the chests have moved (past the skeleton graveyard), plus the Planar Gateway has been closed and now there is a new enemy, minotaurs. When you speak with Mithaniel Marr, he recognizes that you are trying to trick him and instead sends you to the four corners of the Plane of Valor... which is odd because this grants you access the Shard of Valor and is the same place he sends you if really were still working for Firiona Vie.

Minotaurs are big with a strong stunning melee attack but no ranged attacks, and unlike most of the big monsters you've been fighting up to now, they can also block. They aren't as fast as you and tend not to block ranged attacks very well, so that is a good option. Trading melee blows while timing blocks can work too if you are strong in melee. Make sure they are truly dead before you stop swinging.