Unexplored Tomb
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EnemiesGhouls (source of Ghoul Flesh), war wraiths, skeletons, mummies, mummy shaman (source of Mummy Tongues)
SpecialBloodstone of Faydark
Saves1 total: start
BossesSlinthiss, Tomb Robber
ExitsFaydark Forest (previous area)


Other than for a little exploring, there is no reason to come to the Unexplored Tomb before you have the Words of Spiritual Harmony in your inventory. So assuming you have the Words, or want to explore only half of this area, read on....

This area is very well named, as it is hard to explore, and it is filled with undead. This is a dead-end area that you have to jump through many hoops to be able to fully explore. First you have to defeat all the elves in the Orc Caves to gain access to Kelethin, and then you have to find the Archaeologist's Shovel as a random drop in Kelethin. The shovel gets you access to half the Unexplored Tomb, but to get past the doors that are blocked by discord, you must then use the Words of Spiritual Harmony that are a random drop in one of the areas in the Plane of Nightmares. The reason why you might want to do this is to find the Bloodstone of Faydark which can be found as another random drop in the latter half of the Unexplored Tomb behind the doors. The good news is you still keep the Archaeologist's Shovel and Words of Spiritual Harmony after they have been used so you may return to this area without jumping through the hoops again.

All the monsters in this area are undead and they have the standard undead strengths and weaknesses, and all can be very tough so if you have a destroy undead weapon, now is the time to use it. Most of the enemies you have seen before, but the war wraiths have gained a new spell -- summon skeleton -- and their skeletons can be melee skeletons or archers. The new monster to be found here doesn't appear to be undead, but they are mummies. They are hard hitting melee fighters with low hit points that rarely block. They can still be difficult as they have powerful shaman to support them. Mummies like to creep up slowly before attacking, or chase you down if you run away. If you don't want to melee with them, firing ranged attacks while jumping back will keep them walking towards you, but don't turn around or they will start running after you. If you are having difficulty with the mummy shaman (especially their Frost Storm) use a gate scroll rather than trying to run through a dangerous spell effect. The mummies in this area are the only monsters that can drop Mummy Tongue upgrades.

There are also two mini bosses, a giant sized war wraith named Slinthiss and a mummy named Tomb Robber. Fight Slinthiss as you would a war wraith. Instead of blocking, run in small circles and hit him when you can, or don't fight him at all. He gives little experience or treasure if killed and is difficult to defeat. Tomb Robber is also a nasty mini boss, especially because the room you find him in has mummies and mummy shaman to support him. Your best bet is to run away when his name appears on screen, and draw him or his allies out one at a time by shooting blindly down the passageway. Before either boss attacks, use a gate scroll to checkpoint your progress as they are difficult and there is only one save point in this area.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left wall through the area. Destroy all breakables on the other side of the door that you had to open using the Words of Spiritual Harmony.

Fastest Route

Leave immediately unless you are here for the Bloodstone of Faydark, in which case it is the same as above until you have the Bloodstone of Faydark. Then you should gate out.