Plane of Disease
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EnemiesHags, spawners, slugs (no xp or treasure)
SpecialBertoxxulous, activate 8 evil portals, Shard of Disease
Saves2 total: near start, center of back wall of area
PortalRight wall past 1st save point
ExitsSwamp of Bile (previous area), Arachna Caves


Shortly after you start this area, Bertoxxulous will ask you to activate all the evil portals in this area for him. This will allow the troops (the ones you've been killing) to invade Norrath as a diversion so you can collect more Shards. Once all eight are activated, Bertoxxulous will give you the Shard of Disease. After activating seven of the eight, enter the Arachna Caves to continue. Leaving the far exit of the Arachna Caves brings you to the portal you couldn't reach earlier. After you activate the last evil portal you must return to Bertoxxulous to receive the Shard of Disease. When you have the Shard of Disease, return to Natasla for your next mission into the Plane of Valor.

It can be difficult to find all eight evil portals especially if you kill the hags but forget to run up and activate the portal itself. There are six along the walls of this area, one in the center of the waterways, and one on a raised area you can only get to via the Arachna Caves.

Hags are the most impressive enemy spellcasters and you normally find them in this area in pairs near evil portals with a spawner as support. They can cast Bolt of Shock, Lighting Storm, and Giant Growth, plus they can fly and their melee attacks have a stun chance. If they start flying, they can't attack you and you can't melee with them, but you can still hit them with some spells and all regular ranged attacks. They count as undead, but the normal undead immunities do not apply... they can be poisoned and diseased. The best way to attack them is while you are moving. If you stand still, they can hit you with their electrical attacks and while you should be able to take a number of their attacks, two hags attacking one player can be bad.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall all the way around until just pass the 2nd save point. Activate the portal you find there (which should leave three remaining). Go to the left wall on the other side of the bottleneck and keep it on your right as you work your way back down towards the start. After activating six portals, go up the center of the area following where all the water joins up for the seventh evil portal. Go back to the 2nd save point and keep the back wall on your right past the seventh evil portal and exit to the Arachna Caves leaving one portal. Re-enter using the other exit found in the Arachna Caves. Activate the last evil portal, gate back to the Plane of Fear, and then use the portal to return to the Plane of Disease to speak to Bertoxxulous and receive the Shard of Disease.

Fastest Route

Same as above.