Lost Tomb
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EnemiesSlugs (no XP or treasure), squids (on the way back out)
SpecialLocked chests, Words of Spiritual Harmony (possible drop)
ExitsPlane of Nightmares (previous area)


This area is a dead-end and you don't need to even come into it to finish the game. It does have a fair amount of experience and treasure to be collected.

The good news is that the chests in this area all have glowing rings and they are very easy to find. The bad news is that this means you can't open them because they are locked. At the far end of this area are four chests together. Once you approach the chests you will see a cutscene of squids that are about to attack. They are the same as the squids you fought in the Plane of Torment. Walk up to the chests slowly so that you are as close to the way out as possible when the cutscene begins. As soon as it ends, run back to narrow opening so that you are not surrounded. Use ranged attacks even if you can't see the monsters to bring them to you one at a time. When all four are dead, you will be notified that seals on the chests have been broken.

The slugs in this area are just like the ones you encounter on the Plane of Disease but this time there is nothing to respawn them. Use area effect spells (the storm spells are very effective) to kill any in your way and ignore the rest. When you return back the way you came in, you will have to deal with one squid for every chest.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right side wall. When the walls drop away, gate out to put a checkpoint at that location as the enemies are going to get faster and tougher. Once the chests are unlocked, follow the right wall out. Look for a chest near each squid killed.

Fastest Route

Leave immediately unless you are here for the Words of Spiritual Harmony, in which case it could be faster to explore the other areas of the Plane of Nightmares, then reset the plane rather than trying to find the Words in this area. Otherwise, same as above.