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EnemiesShadow ninjas, gremlin archers, drachnids, war wraiths
SpecialWords of Spiritual Harmony (possible drop)
ExitsPlane of Nightmares (previous area), Lower Dungeon


This is the path to follow to continue your mission. Drachnids are regular enemies now instead of mini bosses but they still have all the same attacks as before, just less hitpoints. The shadow ninjas like to hide at the edges of pits, so fire ranged attacks at any pits you see and you will likely hit one that is hiding. Like on the Plane of Torment, gremlin archers will follow you around corners to try and get a better shot at which point you can ambush them. And lastly... remember those undead wraiths from the Plane of War? Well they are back in this area and they can still float through walls and over pits.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right side wall all the way around until you see the exit, then explore the last room, and then exit to the Lower Dungeon.

Fastest Route

Follow the left side wall until you see the exit, and then use it.