Kerriel's Cave
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SpecialKerriel, Boat
Saves2 total: third of the way through, end at Kerriel


Frogloks are similar to goblins and not very dangerous. They move slowly and do not have a ranged attack. They try to sneak up by swimming up to you before attacking, but you should still be able to spot them easily.

At the end of this complex, as you pass the 2nd save point, Kerriel the mermaid will tell you how one of the three cyclopes on this plane stole her badly pronounced conch and that she wants it back before she will teach you how to breathe water. She couldn't tell which one stole it, but you will find it on the last cyclops you kill. Even though this area is called Kerriel's Cave, you will not find Kerriel in this area again after you leave. Instead, Kerriel tells you to meet her in the caves on Gnome Island and gives you a boat to use. This means the game becomes less linear as now you can choose where to go next on this plane. The boat acts as an exit on each of the following five areas when you use it. However, you will only ever see four options because obviously it can't take you to your current location:
  • Kerriel's Cave
  • Solitary Eyeland
  • Island of Lost Hope
  • Isle of Deep Regret
  • Gnome Island
This walkthrough presents these locations in that order, but you may want to consider going to Gnome Island first to go shopping, or to Isle of Deep Regret to fight the easiest boss first.

Most Efficient Route

The room to the right of the start has nothing of consequence. Go into the room on the left of the start for a chest. Continue following the left wall until the save point, and then follow the right wall. After you have finished with the right branch and are doubling back on yourself, return to the save point for a save, and then follow the left wall to the 2nd save point and Kerriel. The room with the 2nd save point is large so you may want to explore it but there are no chests to find in it.

Fastest Route

Go straight up the passage in front of where you start. Follow the right wall to the save point. When you have a choice of passageway, go left and then left again. Follow the right wall all the way to the 2nd save point and Kerriel.