Citadel of Pain, South
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EnemiesShadow ninjas, gremlin archers, demons
SpecialShard of Torment (inaccessible for most of area)
Saves2 total: start, 75% through area
PortalEnd (must re-enter from later entrance to the Citadel)
ExitsPlane of Torment, West (previous area), Citadel of Pain, North (two locations)


When you get to the 1st save point, you will see your goal for the Plane on a far ledge -- the Shard of Torment. You cannot get to the shard from this area until later when you enter it from the north, but you can shoot some ranged attacks down the passageway over the Shard to clear it out now. There are only four demons to worry about here, and none of them are together. One is down the dead-end left side path after the 1st save point, another is just before the 2nd save point, and one just before the exit to the northern halls of the Citadel. There is also one last one to deal with past the portal when you re-enter this area from the Citadel of Pain, North. Shortly after you pass the portal, you will be able to pick up the Shard of Torment. When you have it, return via the portal to the Plane of Torment, East and speak to Gol Nazyn for his secrets, and then go to your hub to end the Plane and access the Plane of Disease.

Shadow ninjas will hide in corners and wait until you are very close and then jump out. They only appear as translucent shadows until they yell and attack. They are near impossible to spot until that time and then they are in melee. Shadow ninjas also count as undead so they have the same strengths, immunities, and weaknesses common to all undead. If you do hear a yell, start swinging. Normally you can only get a swing or two on them before they start to block. Also, if you block, they will continue to block themselves and then hit you as soon as you stop. To prevent this, as soon you stop blocking immediately start blocking again to block the next hit before you start attacking again. Keep a spell that stuns ready in case they get too close or use ranged attacks (especially ones that pass through walls and track) against any suspicious areas you think might be hiding a ninja.

The other new monster in this area is the gremlin archer. Gremlin archers are gray and have hard hitting arrows and may have enchanted bows, too. When you get into melee range, the archers will stop attacking and try and run far enough away to safely shoot you again, making it difficult to catch and kill them. If you start hearing arrow shots and you don't have a lot of points in Dodge, move away and around a corner. The archers will follow you to the corner where you will be too close for them to shoot and instead of attacking they will run in circles trying to get away. When they start doing that you can kill them safely by chasing them down in melee, or quickly by using a ranged attack of your own at point blank.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left wall down the side passage to a chest. Return to the 1st save point and continue down the other passage following the right side wall. In the first room you will find another chest in the far right corner. Continue following the right wall down a side passage until you start being attacked by archers, and then run back around a corner and let the archers come to you. Continue into the room for the 3rd chest and follow the right wall up the other passage to the exit. When you re-enter this area from the north, follow the path past the portal to the Shard of Torment.

Fastest Route

Continue forward until the save point, and then go down the right side passage. Continue going directly away from the save point until the T-junction and then turn left. Follow the path to the exit. When you re-enter this area from the north, follow the path to the Shard of Torment.