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EnemiesMelee elves, archer elves
SpecialArchaeologist's Shovel
Saves1 total: center
Chests11 (see map)
BossesElf Commander
ExitsFaydark Forest (previous area)


You can explore Kelethin as soon as you find it if all of the elves in the Orc Caves have been defeated. You may want to wait until later to do so if you are coming back for the Unexplored Tomb anyway. This is a dead-end area that only leads back the way you came. However, to access the Unexplored Tomb you need to clear the way using the Archaeologist's Shovel that can be found randomly somewhere here. However, the Archaeologist's Shovel will only allow limited access to the Unexplored Tomb until you also have the Words of Spiritual Harmony from the Plane of Nightmares. If you do want the Archaeologist's Shovel you should break all containers and kill all enemies because it can be anywhere.

There is a mini boss who goes by the name "Elf Commander" in the top left corner, and he is just like the Elf Hero you defeated earlier. He only has melee attacks and is tough only due to his archer support, but he is quick to chase you leaving the archers far behind. You can draw him into melee with the orcs in an earlier part of the village and he becomes an easy kill.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right side wall all the way around. Go around huts to destroy every container.

Fastest Route

Leave immediately unless you are here for the Archaeologist's Shovel, in which case it is the same as above.