Arachna Caves
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EnemiesSpiders, black ants, red ants, scorpions (source of Poison Glands)
Saves2 total: start, middle
BossesDrachnid (3)
ExitsTwo exits to the Plane of Disease (previous area) and one that leads to last evil portal


As you might expect, the only enemies you will find here are arachnids and ants. All of the monsters in this area are fire resistant and are unable to block. Spiders have strong poison resistance and can jump quickly. They can shoot non-damaging webs both as traps in a location to keep you there, and if they hit you directly then they can reel you in to melee range.

Like enemies with weapons, black ants may have weapon enchantments. Scorpions are very similar to the black ants in how they attack, but unlike ants, scorpions are the only source of Poison Glands. Red ants are larger than black ants and the only enemy in this area with a ranged damaging attack as they spit poison. All of the enemies are not very dangerous unless you find yourself surrounded. The three mini bosses are very dangerous however.

There are three Drachnids all of equal strength, but only one is in your path to the exit that you will have to deal with. You will know that you are on the correct path to the exit before you encounter the Drachnid by the strange feeding sounds coming from one direction. Drachnids are very poison and fire resistant and are both fast moving and attacking. Like the other spiders, Drachnids can jump and use webs, but a Drachnid's jump is longer and has a stun chance. Their various melee attacks also poison and can damage through blocks.

Drachnids are one of the few monsters in the game where you never want to block. Just don't do it. Instead, run in a small (but not tight) circle to avoid hits from a Drachnid. It will chase you in a circle but will be unable to catch you and attack. While running in a circle, quickly stop and make an attack. Repeat and eventually it will be defeated. The only problem you will have is if there are any other regular enemies nearby. So as soon as you see the hitpoint bar, move away... all the way back to a save point is a good idea. Keep repeating this until you only have to fight the Drachnid. Then do the same thing to the other two Drachnids. Remember that if you are having difficulty, you can use a gate scroll in a safe location to create a checkpoint there so you don't have to repeat a section if you die.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the right wall. Kill the 1st Drachnid and continue to the 2nd save point. Go down the left passage and follow the left wall to the 2nd Drachnid. Continue following the left wall. When you hear the strange feeding sounds go down the right unexplored passage that forks back to the 2nd save point. When you reach the 2nd save point, go back to the strange feeding sounds. Follow the right wall to the 3rd Drachnid. Kill it and use the exit past the portal.

Fastest Route

Follow the left wall until the save point. Continue down the right passage following the right wall. When you hear the strange feeding sounds, you are close to the Drachnid that guards the exit. Kill it and use the exit past the portal.