Lower Lake of Fire
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EnemiesLava monsters, fire elementals, fire beetles (source of Fire Beetle Eyes)
SpecialLava, back and forth using ladders
Saves2 total: start (middle of area), end (last save point on plane)
ExitsUpper Lake of Fire (four), Lair of the Dragon (end of plane)


You come into this area to get below the pipes that blocked your way to the valve controls on the previous area. This area is shaped like a crescent moon and you start in the middle. You have go in both directions to get to two other ladders that lead up. The exits are hard to see so use your map. At the top of each of the two ladders in the Upper Lake of Fire, find the valve and close it to unblock the exit you passed earlier. When that is done you must exit this area by the middle ladder where you first entered the area, and re-enter via the blocked entrance to finally be able to access the Lair of the Dragon (boss fight).

Most Efficient Route

Follow the outer curve to each of the exits. When you return the other way, follow the inner curve. Once you have shut off both valves in the previous area, return to the Upper Lake of Fire via the way you entered this area. Use the exit that was previously blocked by lava to enter the Lower Lake of Fire yet again. Save and collect the 2 chests in the corners and then use the exit to the Lair of the Dragon.

Fastest Route

Same as above but keep to the inner curve of the crescent.