Plane of Nightmares
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EnemiesKobolds, gremlin archers, shadow ninjas, minotaur
SpecialWords of Spiritual Harmony (possible drop)
PortalClose to start before maze
ExitsLost Tomb (dead-end area), Dungeon


Now that the Spirit Anchors have been dealt with in Faydark you can proceed into the Plane of Nightmares. The two exits appear as spider webs and the further exit across the bridge (Lost Tomb) is a dead-end area that has some nasty monsters and treasure. Somewhere as a random drop on this Plane are the Words of Spiritual Harmony. This quest item along with the Archaeologist's Shovel allows you to fully access the Unexplored Tomb in Faydark Forest. This item can be found anywhere, in any of the areas, but since it so dark you may not find the breakable item, chest or monster that is carrying it your first time through. If you really want the Words of Spiritual Harmony be prepared to reset the plane and try again. Keep in mind that there are no save points anywhere on this plane so if you want to save you will need to use a gate scroll.

All of the monsters in this area you have encountered before. The shadow ninjas hide in the trees and are even harder to see than before because this area is very dark. It is so dark you will often not be able to see the shadow ninjas even after they are attacking but it does help to increase the brightness setting in the game options. Shadow ninjas also count as undead so they have the same strengths, immunities and weaknesses common to all undead. If you do hear a yell, start swinging. Normally, you can only get a swing or two on them before they start to block. Also if you block, they will continue to block themselves and then hit you as soon as you stop. To prevent this, as soon you stop blocking immediately start blocking again to block the next hit before you start attacking again. Keep a spell that stuns ready in case they get too close, or use ranged attacks (especially ones that pass through walls and track) against any suspicious areas you think might be hiding a ninja.

In the center of this area is a hedge maze but it's much more of hedge than a maze because you can see the entire maze on your map. The hedge makes it very difficult to get to the archers using melee but also tends to interfere with their shots. Use a ranged attack that goes over the hedge to deal with them (a bow or thrown weapon works well) from outside the hedge before you go start to go through it.

The entrance to the hedge maze is just past the portal. There are two exits from the hedge maze, one very close to the Dungeon exit and another that leads over a bridge to the Lost Tomb. Once you are through the maze be careful not to fall down from the higher level into the shallow water or you will have to walk through the maze again. To access the entire area, go over the bridge rather than the other exit of the hedge maze and then drop down on the side of the bridge closest to the Dungeon exit. The far side of the bridge is guarded by a minotaur, but he isn't a boss and you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with him, but just so you don't have to walk through the maze again it's a good idea to gate out once you are on the bridge.

The chests are the same black pots that were in the Plane of Fire and since it is so dark it is near impossible to spot them until you are given the option to open one. A chest is along the left wall in a corner, another is behind the island on the right side of the water, another you can see above you along the right wall, and the fourth is in an alcove to the left of the Lost Tomb.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left wall. Shoot any archers you can from outside the hedge maze. Activate the portal and continue following the left wall but do not enter the maze yet. Follow the left wall down into the water and back out returning to the entrance to the hedge maze. Enter it and pick a wall to follow to collect the treasure from the archers, leaving the maze using the bridge. Continue straight to the back wall and go right following the wall on your left all the way to the chest you saw from the water (don't fall down to the lower level). Return to the Lost Tomb you passed and exit the area. After finishing with the Lost Tomb, turn right and follow the right wall to another chest. Drop down into the water on the side of the spider web exit you saw earlier (it should be on your map). Continue to follow the right wall and exit via the Dungeon.

Fastest Route

Go directly away from the wall visible from the start. Enter the hedge maze after the portal and use your map to exit at the far left side from the entrance. Exit to the Dungeon.