The Surface
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EnemiesMini clockworks
SpecialCopper Sprocket, respawning enemies, end of plane boss
PortalEnd (locked by boss)
BossesPlane of Innovation boss: Iron Guardian
ExitsMine Level 2 (locked by boss), no exit (end of plane)


This level is also short, but it is a boss fight so it isn't easy. In fact, this is arguably the hardest fight in the game. The Iron Guardian has the Copper Sprocket, but it isn't the siege engine of death the bad guys want to make (which you never see), but the Iron Guardian is bad enough. It fires a hail of arrows if you are in front of it outside melee range and double bladed arms if you are close enough to melee. Out the back, it shoots caltrops that have a very high stun chance where if even one knocks you over, something else will kill you a second later. Plus, just like other clockworks, it cannot be poisoned or diseased, is completely immune to all fire effects, takes partial damage from most spells and has a high armor rating. Then to top it off, it also has support from swarms of mini clockworks that respawn.

The Iron Guardian has two weaknesses you can exploit. First, its attacks are very predictable making it easy to time your blocks and attacks. Second, there is a sweet spot you can stand where none of its attacks will connect. You will be too close and it won't try its ranged attacks, and too far away that its bladed arms will swing and miss.

After the cutscene, start blocking to avoid a hail of arrows, and figure out where the enemies are. Keep blocking and let the mini clockworks light up and then move or jump away. You can generally kill the mini clockworks as they respawn, but there is too much to deal with when you first start the boss fight, so you need to clean the field a little by getting a few to self-destruct before dealing with the boss. This is especially necessary at higher difficulties where there are lots of mini clockworks. If the mini clockworks are close enough, they will hurt the Iron Guardian when they explode, but they don't do enough damage to be an effective strategy to defeat the boss. If you know what the level looks like, you may be able to rush in and get into melee with the Iron Guardian before it shoots.

Block and time the volleys of arrows. Every time the Iron Guardian stops shooting, nudge closer and block again. If a mini clockwork lights up, use the jump back button but turn so that you don't move directly away from the Iron Guardian. After doing this a few times, you will eventually get close enough that it will start swinging at you. If you see sparks hitting your shield, you are too close, and arrows mean you are too far away. Once it is swinging and missing you can use spells and ranged attacks without getting hit by the Iron Guardian. If you are playing a melee heavy character, activate your beef up abilities in this sweet spot and then melee with it. Just make sure to time your attacks as you swing, block, swing, block, etc... Do not try to get to its rear. While it moves slowly, it can turn quickly. Plus, its rear stun attack will make sure the next attack kills you.

If mini clockworks come at you, use ranged attacks even if they are in melee range so that you don't move. If you get swarmed by mini clockworks, jump back and nudge yourself back into position. If you still can't kill the boss, you may simply be too low a level. If that is the case, you may be forced to reset the plane from the beginning so you can gain more experience. To do that, go to "Exit Mission," go to the Plane of War, "Exit Mission" again, and then re-enter the Plane of Innovation.

Once the Iron Guardian is destroyed, pick up the Copper Sprocket. Use the portal to go back to the first area on this plane, The Plane of Innovation. Speak with Giwin and he will take your Copper Sprocket and give you the Shard of Innovation. Take the Shard back to Natasla and she will tell you to go to the Pit of Ill Omen to learn how to breathe underwater.

Most Efficient Route

Nothing to find. Just kill the boss.

Fastest Route

Kill the boss quickly.