Sea Cave
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EnemiesSwamp things
SpecialKerriel, Blessing
Saves3 total: one close to each entrance
PortalEnd at Kerriel
BossesTwo sea monsters (bigger ones)
Exits3 separate exits to Gnome Island (previous area)


If you are looking to find Kerriel the mermaid, don't try looking for her in Kerriel's Cave. In case you have forgotten, the Sea Cave is the area she told you to meet her. When you find the portal (the only one on this entire plane) you have found Kerriel. You should have killed the three cyclopes and have the Conch before you go into this area or else you will end up doing a lot of backtracking later. When you speak with her, she will take her Conch back and tell you she has given her blessing. You won't have any proof that you can breathe water, but if you return to Natasla, she will now let you go to the Plane of Water.

There are three ways you can enter this area from Gnome Island. Relative to those three entrances are three save points. Halfway between the 1st save point and the passage left leading to the 1st Sea Monster is a chest in a corner. Between the 3rd entrance and 3rd save point is a chest, and taking two lefts after the 3rd save point is another chest.

In the Sea Cave you will encounter swamp things. They are strong enemies as they have a strong ranged poison spit, are good in melee, and cannot be poisoned. Because their poison attack is strong, it is best to either used range attacks from far away or melee as soon as possible. Additionally, there are two identical mini bosses, both known as Sea Monster, down some dead-ends. They are just like the other sea monsters you have seen but they are bigger, harder hitting, and have more hit points. Use the same strategies that worked to kill the other sea monsters. One can be found in a side room off to the left from the 1st entrance, and the other is off to the right from the 3rd entrance. Each of these rooms has a couple of swamp things near the back so draw the sea monsters out to avoid fighting multiple enemies at once. In the back right corner of each of their side rooms is a chest.

Most Efficient Route

Enter the Sea Cave using the 1st entrance closest to the save point on Gnome Island. Follow the left wall. After dealing with the 1st Sea Monster, exit its side room and continue following the right wall past the 2nd save point to the 2nd entrance, and exit to Gnome Island. Enter the Sea Cave again via the 3rd entrance and follow the right wall. After dealing with the 2nd Sea Monster and after you have backtracked to the junction, take the next left followed by the next right. Once you have found the portal, you have found the mermaid.

Fastest Route

Enter from the 2nd Sea Cave entrance that is on the left side of the village. Go right at the first fork, and then take the next passage left. Once you have found the portal, you have found the mermaid.