Plane of Valor, First Visit
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EnemiesBig pit boars, small pit boars, archer skeletons, melee skeletons
SpecialMithaniel Marr, Planar Gateway, skeleton graveyard, sword in stone, area is different later
Saves2 total: start, after skeleton graveyard


Natasla has come up with a simple but effective plan to trick Mithaniel Marr into giving you the Shard of Valor... pretend to be working for Firiona Vie and just ask for it. When you eventually speak with Mithaniel Marr he isn't willing to give you the Shard until you have proven your worth by going to the Plane of Fire and bringing back the Shard of Fire. You already have five Shards by now but that doesn't impress him. Use the Planar Gateway behind Mithaniel Marr to head off to the Plane of Fire.

This seems to be a very small plane with only one area (there's more later) but you should get used to the layout of this first area as you will be coming back here multiple times. Mithaniel Marr will end up sending you on quests and you will have to return to him by travelling from your starting position each time. Two places of particular note are the sword in the stone and a graveyard filled with respawning skeletons. The sword in the stone can only be pulled out once you have completed the Twisted Nightmare at the end of the game so you should ignore it until then.

When you see three stone pillars on the left side, that is the start of the skeleton graveyard. You must pass through the graveyard to get to Mithaniel Marr. While the skeletons will eventually stop respawning, you will likely never see the end of them. The skeletons do generate experience if killed, but the skeletons on the Plane of Valor will never drop any treasure of any kind. The best you can hope for is the chest in the back left corner. It is best to run by the area and past the save point on the other side.

You shouldn't have any problems dealing with the pit boars on this level. The bigger ones are the same as the smaller ones but are about 50% stronger and have a stun chance. All pit boars can only attack what is immediately in front of them with a melee attack, so attacking their flanks will be an easy kill.

Most Efficient Route

Follow the left wall to a chest. Head down the center of the wide pathway weaving through the trees in your way. Boars will come to you to be killed. Veer right to catch a couple of boars on the right side meadow and down the side path to the sword in the stone if you wish. When you see three stone pillars on the left side, go through them into the graveyard to the back left corner for the other chest, and then return to the start of the graveyard. Continue going straight through the graveyard to the 2nd save point. Pick a wall and follow it around and back to the 2nd save point to find a few boars and then continue straight on to Mithaniel Marr and the Planar Gateway.

Fastest Route

Take the first right and head down the center of the wide pathway weaving through the trees in your way. When you see three stone pillars on the left side go through them and the graveyard. Continue going straight past the 2nd save point and speak to Mithaniel Marr. Exit the plane using the Planar Gateway.