Quest: Try to Stop Jack of Blades
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You'll receive this gold quest immediately upon returning to the Heroes' Guild after completing the Return to Hook Coast quest.


Your objective in this quest is to stop Jack from activating the four focus sites around Albion. Although the Guildmaster will tell you to hurry, there isn't any rush, and you can take the time to spend your experience points and to get some shopping in if you need anything (having lots of potions is a good idea).

Each of the four focus sites will go about the same. You'll rush to the site only to find that you're too late to stop Jack. Enemies will continually spawn to try and stop you, but you can just run past them if you want. At the last focus site, Jack will teleport away with Scarlet Robe, and that's where the quest will end. You'll receive at least 800 renown and 5000 gold.