Quest: The Birthday Gift

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Starting Out

This quest works as a tutorial for the game. Your objective is to perform a few deeds, either good or bad, and in the process earn enough money to buy your sister Theresa (#9) a birthday present. For each good deed that you perform, your father Brom (#2) will give you a gold coin. Bad deeds will give their own reward -- isn't that always the case? -- but the reward is usually the same, one gold coin per deed.

You can find the trader at the southern edge of the village (#5). He'll offer to sell you a box of chocolates for 3 gold coins, which is the minimum you should earn while performing your deeds. Once you've purchased the chocolates from him, simply take them to your sister.

First note: It doesn't matter if you do good deeds or bad deeds. None of your actions will count for you or against you yet. That is, you'll be perfectly neutral once you've finished the two tutorial quests, no matter what you did during them.

Second note: During this quest, just like in every quest, you'll only be able to perform a "hero save." That sort of save will only save the status of your hero and not the status of the world. If you do a "hero save" and then load your game, you'll find yourself back at the start of the quest, but your hero will have all of the equipment and experience from the time of the save (minus quest items).

Deed: The Cheating Husband

You'll find the cheating husband at #4 and the suspicious wife at #6. If you want to be evil, then let the husband bribe you 1 gold coin to keep his secret. If you want to be good, then talk to the husband, refuse his bribe, and tell the wife where he is.

You can also be "chaotic" here if you want. Simply accept the bribe from the husband and then tattle on him to the wife, and you'll complete a good deed and a bad deed.

Deed: The Tempting Barrels

When you approach #7, a man will rush up to you and ask you to watch his barrels while he answers "a call of nature." If you want to be good, then just stand there and wait for him to come back. If you want to be evil, then break all nine barrels in the three nearby barns. A couple of the barrels will contain beetles for you to kill (for no experience), but the last one will contain a gold coin.

"Being good is so boring. Wouldn't you prefer to be smashing things?"

Deed: The Bully

You'll find a bully trying to get a teddy bear away from a little boy (#8). If you want to be good, then target the bully and hit him a few times to drive him away. If you want to be evil, then attack the little boy instead. Either way, the little boy will give you the teddy bear. But note: If you take the evil path here, you won't earn a gold coin.

You can be chaotic here as well. If you plan to give the teddy bear to Emily, then you can attack the little boy to get the bear, attack the bully to drive him off, and then hand the bear over to Emily.

Deed: The Teddy Bear

Emily is a little girl who wanders around the village. She starts out near your house (#3), and usually sticks to the western side of the village. If you talk to her, she'll tell you that her teddy bear Rosie is missing. You'll acquire the teddy bear during "the bully" deed (#8). To be good, give the teddy bear to Emily. To be evil, give it to the bully.

Finishing Up

Once you've given Theresa her birthday present and then left the field where she is standing, bandits will arrive and attack the village. To complete the quest, just walk to your house (#1). You'll have to take the raised path to the east and then cross the burning bridge to get there. Once you've arrived, you'll meet Maze, and he'll take you to the Heroes' Guild.

1 - Your Home

Inside you can read your sister's diary.

2 - Brom

Brom's your father. Visit him after you've completed good deeds to earn some gold.

3 - Emily

4 - Cheating Husband

5 - Trader

6 - Suspicious Wife

7 - Farm

8 - Bully and Little Boy

9 - Theresa

Theresa is your sister.