Location: Lookout Point

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1 - Picnic Table

On the table you'll find an apple pie and a health potion.

2 - Picnic Table

On the table you'll find a standard beard style card and two green apples.

3 - Picnic Table

On the table you'll find two green apples.

4 - Picnic Table

On the table you'll find an apple pie and a green apple.

5 - Unhappy Woman

The unhappy woman will show up after you've accepted The Sick Child quest (TLC). See the Sick Child entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details.

6 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here you'll catch an Ages of Skill potion, which will increase your skill experience.

7 - Statue

You'll encounter a couple of mini-quests near the statue. The first time you visit the area you should see a bully and a beggar. If you want to become more evil, help the bully by belching on and then attacking the beggar. If you want to become more good, then help the beggar by farting on the bully.

Note: Expressions can be found under "skills" on the main menu.

If you're working on the Sick Child quest (TLC), then you'll find two wasted guys loitering near the statue, talking about the "mushroom of truth." If you eavesdrop on their conversation, then you'll get some clues about where to find the mushroom.

After you've completed either Attack Orhard Farm or Protect Orchard Farm, from time to time a merchant will show up near the statue, and he'll ask you to escort him to Orchard Farm. This is a repeatable mini-quest, and you'll earn up to 500 gold coins (plus a random gem if you can keep the merchant unharmed) each time you complete it. The only trick is that you'll need to be careful about where you tell the merchant to wait, because a bandit will appear near the northern exit of the Greatwood Entrance after you've entered that area. It's a short distance to the Orchard Farm, and so this is an easy way to make money.

Finally, if you look at the statue at certain times, good things can happen. If you look at it at 9pm (when it it pointing at Bowerstone) the Bowerstone tavern cellar will become unlocked. If you look at it around 1pm (when it is pointing at Greatwood), a chest will reveal itself in the Greatwood Entrance.

8 - Thorn Bushes

If you attack and destroy the thorn bushes here (they'll glow red, so they're easy to spot) and then follow the path behind them, you'll find a silver key.

9 - Title Vendor

10 - Boasting Platform

  1. Path between the Picnic Area and Lookout Point.
  2. Exit to Bowerstone.
  3. Exit to the Heroes' Guild.
  4. Primal Demon Door (TLC). This is Demon Door #14 in the Demon Doors section. You won't be able to open it until after you've completed the original Fable campaign.
  5. Exit to Greatwood Entrance.