Quest: The Souls of Heroes
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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Oracle's Knowledge quest.


When you meet up with Briar Rose at Archon' Shrine, you'll learn that Jack has taken up a new form, and that to get to him you'll have to open the Bronze Gate to the north. However, opening the gate will require that you use Jack's Mask to "feed" three Hero souls to the shrine.

For each soul you'll have a choice: to kill an existing Hero, or to perform some other task to get the soul. Conveniently, this big quest is broken down into three smaller quests, and so you can "world save" before each choice and change your mind if you don't like how things turn out.

The King of the Arena

For this soul you'll have a choice between fighting Thunder in Knothole Glade, or going to the Arena and looking for a soul there. Fighting Thunder is the quickest but most evil option. The battle with Thunder should go about the same as it did before (assuming you fought him during the Mayor's Invitation quest), except that you'll probably find the battle easier now, given that your hero should be more powerful and have better equipment.

If you go to the Arena, you'll find people fleeing the area when you arrive, raving about how "things" have appeared and how they've started killing everyone. Then inside the Hall of Heroes, you'll discover a couple of summoners causing havoc, and in the arena itself you'll have to battle through waves of trolls, minions, Balverines, and finally summoners before you can collect a soul from the Arena's very dirt.

The Heroine

For this soul you'll have a choice between fighting Briar Rose at Archon's Shrine, or going to Oakvale and visiting your mother's grave there. As before, fighting Briar Rose is the quicker but more evil of the two choices. Briar Rose is also ridiculously easy to kill. She'll cast a spell to form mirror images of herself, which you'll then have to destroy until you find the real one, and during the rest of the time she'll mostly just block, allowing you to abuse her with flourishes.

If you go to Oakvale's Memorial Garden instead, you'll find the place infested with screamers. Screamers are pretty wimpy, but a special boss screamer will be with them, and so you'll have to defeat dozens of screamers while experiencing a constant drain on your health. Still, this shouldn't be too difficult a battle, and once you've killed enough screamers, you'll be able to collect your mother's soul.

The Oldest Soul

For this soul you'll have a choice between fighting the Guildmaster in the Guild Woods, or traveling to the Circle of the Dead and capturing Nostro's soul there. The Guildmaster battle is interesting. You won't actually fight him; he'll cast "physical shield" and make himself invulnerable to all attacks. Instead, you'll have to defeat the guards who are protecting him. Once that happens, you'll be able to collect his soul (and see one of the funnier cut scenes in the game).

If you choose Nostro's soul, then you'll have to fight through minions, summoners, and skeletons on your way to the Circle of the Dead. Once there, Nostro will offer his soul to you -- but only if you can claim it "with honour." At that point, Nostro will stand in the center of the circle, and skeletons will start spawning around him. Nostro will start out incorporeal, but every time you kill a skeleton, he'll solidify, allowing you to attack him. Nothing in the battle hits especially hard, so just whack away at everything until Nostro is dead and you have his soul.


For completing the quest, you'll receive at least 100 renown and 8000 gold, and you'll also win the trophy Archon's Circle. But most importantly, the Bronze Gate will open, allowing you to face Jack one last time.

"I don't know what form Jack's going to take, but I don't think it's going to be small and furry, do you?"